Sports Apps

At the moment this website offers 3 Android Sports Apps to you. To this I programmed some web applications, which assist in using the same information, which is contained in the app as well on the PC. On the Android market, you find the bet calculator 8 in 1, the football predictions app and the football statistics app. All of these 3 Android Apps from Sports Apps are available free of charge. If the ad disturbs you, there will be as well a Pro version. On the website you will find the football statistics data for the PC. The website offers the bet calculator to you and as well access to the football predictions database. At the moment, football is predominant on the portfolio, but this should be changed soon. The Sports Apps should be programmed as well for the iPhone soon. The ratings out of the Android market argue for it. The football statistics app has 4 stars and the football predictions app has 3.7 stars at the moment. The bet calculator app is with 4.6 stars the app rated the best. Is anything missing for you concerning the functioning in one of the apps? Please leave a comment here on A comment or an email is always better for solving the problem than just rating the app poorly. Maybe you would like to have a certain Sports app I am always looking forward to receiving new ideas. You would also like to integrate a statistics site or predictions into your website? Please write me an email to Or would you like to use the data in another app? Are you looking for an Android app? I can surely assist you in this matter. As soon as new versions of the app are published, you will find the latest information over here and, of course, the Changelog. If you find a bug, please leave a comment here.