The football statistics app is released in version 2.0 from now on. The app does not have its black-and-white design anymore but hence, it appears in a refreshing green design. The script is still well readable since the colours of the football statistics app were matched correspondingly. But there are many more new things to discover. Of course, the football statistics app pro, which is free of ads, was also updated and is now as well available in version 2.0.

Football statistics app – three additional features

Three big new feature were added to the app. From now on you can find information about each team, the entire squads, the last matches, the next matches and a statistic. In addition, you can just tap on each page of the app on a team and the information will be loaded. By wiping to the left side or to the right side, you are able to skim through. Within the football statistics, information about the players was added as well. At each place where you can find a player´s name, you can tap on this name and information about the player will be loaded. By this means, it is possible for you to find out how tall the player is, what his weight is, what his position is and so on. There is as well information available, on which position the player performed in the past. In addition to this, some statistical data can be found.
If you have problems in understanding the new icons of the app, just tap on them and a short explanation will appear.
Besides you can now click on your favourite leagues in the football statistics app. Until now you had to scroll through all leagues in order to change to another one. This is not necessary anymore. Just click on the star so that it is coloured blue and this league appears within the list of league at the top-level position. Within the football statistics app, some improvements were conducted as well. From now on the information before the match is situated on the same page as the information after the match. You have to click on information or the result and then the different information will be shown by wiping to the left side or to the right side.
The football statistics app, which is free of ads, was updated as well, of course. This app is still available free of ads but it certainly contains all new features of the football statistics app.
The football statistics app is available for 0 Euros in the Google Play Store and the football statistics app pro can be purchased for 2.99 Euros in the Google Play Store. Have a good time with the app! If you have any questions or maybe suggestions concerning the app, please do not hesitate to write me an email.