Sports App

Until now, Sports App has developed 3 apps for Android. I programmed a football statistics app, a football predictions app and a bet calculator for Android. The amount of the leagues included in the football apps has grown constantly. If one league or cup was missing, I included them afterwards. If you think one league is missing, please write me an email and I will try to include this league. In the near future, even more apps should follow. I am planning to programme apps for handball and ice hockey. Each app offers a version free of charge and one with costs. In order to provide the data for the apps, I have to buy it in advance and then allocate it on a server to further process it. Therefore I cannot avoid showing ads in the app free of charge. The apps should be as well available for Apple applications soon. Therefore, the apps have to be reprogrammed in order to create pure Apple apps. That means that the conversion will take a little bit longer compared to web apps.

The Apps:

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