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Easy to handle 8 in 1 bet calculator

You are tired of always using several apps in order to calculate your bets properly? Here you get 8 bet calculators in one easy to handle app. The app serves its purpose and also possesses a simple design so that you are not distracted from the figures. So you have an appropriate calculator for your bets on your mobile phone!
You can expect the following 8 calculators within the app:

Qrcode bet calculator app

Qrcode bet calculator app

  • Trading bet calculator
  • Surebet calculator (Arbitrage bet calculator)
  • Back to Lay Odds translator
  • Odds translation from EU to US, US to EU, EU to UK and UK to EU
  • Decimal Odds to fractional Odds translator
  • Moneyline to decimal Odds translator
  • Equitable Odds
  • Value calculator
  • Dutch bet calculator

Bet calculator app – odds translation

The bet calculator is able to do the odds translation from fractional, moneyline (US American) odds into decimal odds into both directions. Fractional odds are always illustrated as fractions and are therefore difficult to read for the unaccustomed bettor. Someone who is able to read fractional odds will maybe have difficulties in reading decimal odds. But from now on you will always have your translator with you, so that you can bet abroad as well. Concerning the fractional odds, the profit will arise out of the wager multiplied by the odd. In this case, the wager has already been subtracted. Of course, this will be considered when being translated. The bet calculator will show you the decimal odd, so that you can further calculate with this. It does not matter in which direction you calculate, you do not have to think about how to calculate. Just use the bet calculator and calculate afterwards with the odds format you are used to.
The bet calculator also assists in translating your odds into the Moneyline format or from it into your odds. American odds are sometimes as well called the 100 $ perspective, in which a minus shows what amount you have to wager in order to gain a net profit of 100 $, a plus in front of the value shows the net profit in case of wagering 100 $. Of course, this also constitutes a reasonable format but if you are not well versed in this method just use the bet calculator app and translate the odds.
The simplest translator, which the app offers, constitutes the Back/Lay odds translator. You are going to enter an odd and the bet calculator app will give you the other odd. In case of entering a Back odd, you will get the Lay odd. And in case of entering the Lay odd, the bet calculator app will show you the Back odd.

Bet calculator app – how is the odd?

With the Value calculator and the possibility to determine the equitable odds, you can check whether it makes sense to place this bet or whether the odds are too poor. The equitable odds calculator shows the

Qrcode bet calculator pro app

Qrcode bet calculator pro app

probability, which the betting shop gives the result dependent on the odd. The Value calculator needs the entry of the betting shop odd and your own probability. Afterwards the bet calculator app indicates whether the betting shop odd contains Value.

Bet calculator app – several results, identical profit

The Dutch calculator is the calculator the less known. With this calculator, you can combine more than 2 odds. It assists in wagering on several winners and always getting the same profit. So therefore you can bet on 4 winners in horse-racing and if one of these wins and it is calculative possible, you will get the same profit no matter on whom you bet.
The bet calculator app also assists in calculating the wager of a Surebet. You are going to enter your two odds and your entire wager. Then the bet calculator app will indicate the wager on both bets. The app will also show the profit no matter which bet will win. The Trading calculator of the bet calculator app offers you a third possibility of closing bets with a profit no matter what outcome they will have. Here you have the possibility of fulfilling four domains. You have to fill up both odds and as well one stake domain has to be filled up. The other stake domain will be filled up automatically when you click on calculating. The wager constitutes the wager you will need in order to close the bet with the same profit no matter which outcome they will have. Here one bet will be placed on Back and one on Lay. These betting forms can only be played at betting exchanges.

These 8 bet calculators of the bet calculator app will certainly assist you in betting more effectively. A version of the bet calculator app free of ads is available for a fee of 0.99 €.

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