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Qrcode football prediction app

Qrcode football prediction app

You are looking for football predictions concerning your team? You are looking for decision guidance before betting? This app assists in your personal opinion formation process!
Double chance, home victories and away wins for more than 80 leagues will be predicted here. For each football prediction the app indicates the incidence rate. Within the app you can choose by yourself how the sports betting predictions should appear. You can choose between different formats such as Asian Handicaps, Back/Lay, figures (1X2) or written text (home victory, away win and so on)!
The app indicates as well for home victories the probability of the double chance 1/0. Even if the football predictions point to an away win, the chance for the double chance 0/2 that means the chance that the sports betting predictions for an away win or a draw will be right, will be shown as well.

Football prediction app –possibilities

Within the app, you can narrow the sports betting predictions with a time limit. Either everything is shown to you or just the football predictions of the last 24 hours. Therefore you can choose correspondingly between all results or just the football results of the last 24 hours. All results can be checked back approximately 10 days. Of course, the results will be compared with the sports betting predictions so that you can see which predictions were correct.
It is impossible to predict the football results exactly. Therefore the football predictions app indicates the prospects for the 3 ways and as well the double chance bet. The sports betting predictions

Qrcode football prediction pro app

Qrcode football prediction pro app

are based on mathematical formulas.
You have this app as well with you while being in the betting shop and it can assist you in filling in your betting slip. Use your opportunity to have a second opinion concerning your bets while being in your betting shop.
Are you rather an online bettor and are you using the websites of Betfair, WilliamHill, Tipico and so on? Then you can complete your bets on your mobile phone and at the same time check them with the football predictions app. In addition, if you are playing bets with your colleagues in the office or if you are placing your bets at Kicktipp, you can gain profits with this app and you can get additional profits with your bets. This football predictions app also provides you with the results while being on the way and makes it possible for you to check your bets. For this purpose, the results of the last 10 days will be shown. On the results page, you also have the possibility to check the predictions of the app. Which football predictions did occur? Which ones did not occur? You can see everything clearly arranged on the results tab.

Football prediction app –bet forms

Most of the football predictions refer to the double chance bet since the app only delivers victory predictions if it is relatively sure. The Pro version of the app is free of ads and has an additional filter, which offers you the possibility of removing certain prediction forms. In this case, the football predictions app only shows double chance 1/0, double chance 0/2, home victory or away win bets. Of course, more than one form can be shown to you.
In order to understand the diverse forms of betting, the app offers guidance on how Back/Lay bets work, what are Asia Handicap bets, how double chance bets have to be understood and, of course, how the predictions app works in general. Both app versions offer you the possibility of just showing the leagues, which are interesting for you. With this method, you can remove the leagues, which you are not interested in and you do not have to scroll such a long time until you find the football predictions, which are of interest for you. It is also possible to remove the league matches for a short time by clicking on the league headlines.

So now just download the football predictions app out of the Android market.
Free of charge: football predictions app
With costs: football predictions app pro

Sports betting predictions of the following leagues are included:

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