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Football statistics app version 2.0

The football statistics app is released in version 2.0 from now on. The app does not have its black-and-white design anymore but hence, it appears in a refreshing green design. The script is still well readable since the colours of the football statistics app were matched correspondingly. But there are many more new things to discover. Of course, the football statistics app pro, which is free of ads, was also updated and is now as well available in version 2.0.


Football statistics app version 1.9

Football statistics app version 1.9 – new Languages and more informations

Today the football statistics version 1.9 was released. From now on, the app is as well available in Spanish and Italian. Professionals translated it completely into both languages. That means, the app now offers its services in four languages. German and English were both integrated from the beginning. And now, as already mentioned, Spanish and Italian are available, too. More languages will be integrated soon. Version 1.9 of the football statistics app also contains new flags for some continents and some countries. Some continents like Africa did not have a flag up till now, but this changed with this version 1.9. The flags of the continents show their profiles. The league updates did not always work smoothly. I removed this bug and now you will again get the latest leagues automatically without updating it from the app store. From now on the football statistics app will show you as well the position of a player. This takes place in an abbreviated spelling for space-saving reasons. Due to this new information, the sorting in the formation was changed. From now on, the players will not be sorted according to their jersey number anymore, but according to their position. In addition, as well the players will be shown who have to sit down on the bench. Another further function of the football statistics app is that it now presents in its information before and after the match as well the stadium, in which the match took place. Of course, the football statistics app also offers the data concerning the European Championship 2012. Below the button Europe – European Championship you can choose the European Championship 2012 as your favourite league and then you get all data concerning the European Championship 2012 when starting the football statistics app. Of course, all other leagues are still contained within the app. The pro version of the football statistics app was updated as well. You will not find any advertisements in the football statistics pro app as it had been the case before. Do you think that any functions are missing? Please write me an email and I will try to realise your wishes.

Sport Apps for Android and PC

Sports Apps

At the moment this website offers 3 Android Sports Apps to you. To this I programmed some web applications, which assist in using the same information, which is contained in the app as well on the PC. On the Android market, you find the bet calculator 8 in 1, the football predictions app and the football statistics app. All of these 3 Android Apps from Sports Apps are available free of charge. If the ad disturbs you, there will be as well a Pro version. On the website you will find the football statistics data for the PC. The website offers the bet calculator to you and as well access to the football predictions database. At the moment, football is predominant on the portfolio, but this should be changed soon. The Sports Apps should be programmed as well for the iPhone soon. The ratings out of the Android market argue for it. The football statistics app has 4 stars and the football predictions app has 3.7 stars at the moment. The bet calculator app is with 4.6 stars the app rated the best. Is anything missing for you concerning the functioning in one of the apps? Please leave a comment here on A comment or an email is always better for solving the problem than just rating the app poorly. Maybe you would like to have a certain Sports app I am always looking forward to receiving new ideas. You would also like to integrate a statistics site or predictions into your website? Please write me an email to Or would you like to use the data in another app? Are you looking for an Android app? I can surely assist you in this matter. As soon as new versions of the app are published, you will find the latest information over here and, of course, the Changelog. If you find a bug, please leave a comment here.

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